Beginning of the new year

With Christmas and New Year behind us. What happened at the beginning of the new year for SSL?
SSL came back to work on the 4th January as a little warm up before a full week. On Sunday the 5th January, The SSL team were down in Bournemouth for the final job of a large install roll out contract. After completing the studios we made the trip back up north on the 6th Jan.

We were then tasked with making noise in the brilliant AFC Fylde ground. We put together a spec of Martin Audio Line Array paired with 6 twin 18 Martin Audio Subwoofers. This was for a large event demonstration in partnership with ScanLite. The demonstration was to show if the system would suit for for an international Womens rugby game held at Doncaster rugby club and to show the mens 6 nations rugby game afterwards on their big screen. All parties were happy with the system. It was great to meet with Scanlite and Doncaster and we hope to move forward with the partnerships.